10 Different Types of Hats for Women

types of hat for women
women hat styles

Want to make your outfit look more elegant and classy, use a graceful hat as your accessory. Wearing a hat can instantly make your outfit poised and can enhance your overall look. Here is a complete guide to types of hats for women, scroll down to learn more. 

A hat is a timeless piece of fashion accessory that can never go out of fashion.  

Be it ceremonial, professional, social status marking, or even just an expression of fashion, hats are an accessory that has been worn by both men and women throughout the world. There are various different options to choose from- thus consider this your official guide to every type of stylish hat.

Here is your personal guide introducing you to the different types of hats for women and how to style them.

1. Fedora Hat

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

Fedoras are curved brimmed hats with an indented crown. Wearing a fedora hat can make a whole lot of difference to your fashion statement. They present a very confident image that is attractive as well as enviable.

A fedora over a simple winter outfit of leather jacket or coat, sweater, and boots will straight away ‘lift’ the look from ordinary to trendy! Furthermore, hats also add a pleasant touch of elegance to your summer fashion as well. Thus, it is both practical & stylish to have a cute fedora in your wardrobe at all times.

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2. Beret Hat

types of women hat
Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

Beret hats have a peculiar round shape and a flat crown. They are generally made from materials such as wool, felt, or crocheted cotton. It is most often worn with a slight tilt to one of the sides. However, you can position your beret on your head according to your preference.

In the winter season, you can pair this chic beret with a turtleneck and skirt, a pullover and jeans, or with your winter coat and boots. Moreover, for summers, pair it up with an elegant slip dress and boots combo for a formal yet casual look.

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3. Cowboy Hat

types of hat for women
Photo by Angelica Reyn from Pexels

Traditionally, cowboy hats have high-crowned with wide-brim. This type of hat is an integral part of chic bohemian as well as countryside fashion. Add a natural-toned stylish cowboy hat to your wardrobe for the days you want a playful yet stylish look.

Pair your cowboy with a light blue-fitting shirt and denim shorts, ripped jeans or a denim jumpsuit. Besides, for the feminine touch wear the cowboy hat with a White belted mini lace dress as well.

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4. Baseball Cap

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

The baseball cap has a round crown section with a long bill in front for a sunshade. In general, it has a velcro or sliding closure. It has a little hole in the back, from which a ponytail can easily slip through.

For summers you can wear a baseball cap with a white shirt and denim shorts or jeans. Or you can also prefer to style it with a pleated skirt for the cute school girl look. Additionally, you can also add a baseball cap to your slouchy high fashion look.

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5. Cocktail Hat

stylish cocktail hat for women
Photo by mahdi chaghari from Pexels

Cocktail hats are tiny brimless dainty-looking hats. These hats are often jeweled with feathers, beads, and sparkling faux jewels. Thus, they can instantly add glamour and style to your outfit.

These stylish hats look very elegant as well as sophisticated. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for a dressy evening outfit, weddings, and other special occasions. Interestingly, you must have seen cocktail hats regularly on the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Wessex, Zara Phillips Tindall, and Princess Beatrice of York.

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6. Sun Hats

Sun hat for women
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Sunhat is identified with a wide brim around the circumference, it helps keep you in the shade while you enjoy outdoor activities. Nevertheless, this sunhat is specifically useful for outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, or visiting the beach or a lake.

The full-circle brim provides instant shade while elevating the elegance factor—be it with a one-piece swimsuit, a maxi dress, or shorts and a tank top. Interestingly, nothing slays languorous poolside glamour like a billowy and floppy sunhat.

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7. Bucket Hat

how to style bucket hat
Photo by 三 点sky from Pexels

Bucket hats may have narrow or wide, droppy brims, depending on the depth of the crown section. They are most often made up of cotton fabric and are available in different colors and prints. Since these hats were very much in fashion in the ’90s, they add a retro vibe to your outfit.

Bucket hats are quite versatile you can wear them with wide-leg jeans and a printed tee or a pretty shift dress and wedges. Besides, these hats are squashable therefore it is a very practical traveling hat as you can easily keep them in your purse.

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8. Visor Cap

visor caps for women
Photo by Jonaorle from Pexels

The visor is similar to a baseball cap as they have a long front brim, however, it is completely open from the crown area. Furthermore, visor caps are very useful in providing protection against sunlight while letting you show off your ponytail or top knot.

It gives an exclusive athletic and sporty feel to your look. You can get playful with texture and colors according to the event.

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9. Cloche Hat

cloche hat style on amazon
Photo by Greece-China News from Pexels

Cloche is a bell-shaped curved hat with a short brim. They are often adorned with ribbons or other accessories to add extra femininity to the overall silhouette.

A pretty cloche can add vintage glamour to your look. For this, you may consider wearing it with a pretty polka dot dress or mustard yellow tea dress. Additionally, for summers straw cloche hats are the perfect hair accessory.

10. Beanie Cap

winter cap for women
Types of Hats for women: Photo by Елена Вотинцева from Pexels

Beanies are winter wardrobe essentials. They are usually made of wool or other synthetic fabrics and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Besides, a beanie can be worn with any kind of outfit however, they look better with casual clothes. You may choose from an array of intricate knit patterns and voluminous pom-poms according to your choice.

There were the top different types of hats for women, hope it was helpful.

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