10 Latest Bridal Dupatta Designs for brides in 2022

latest bridal dupatta ideas

Wondering which type of bridal dupatta you should pair with your Lehenga for your big day? Here are some beautiful bridal dupatta designs for your big day.

Well, you are at the right place. Scroll down to see some of the unique and trending bridal dupatta designs. 

Bridal fashion is now more diverse and quirky. Currently, the light pastel colors and personalized embroidery design on the bridal wear are really in. Furthermore, the bridal dupatta is the most important part of your bridal wear. To make your bridal look completely stand out, it is important you stay updated on what’s trending. Presently, the heavy dupattas with traditional embroidery are quiet in. However, a light dupatta with a little embroidery can never go out of fashion. 

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Herein, you will find all the latest and unique bridal dupatta designs for minimalist as well as for maximalist brides: 

1. Bandhej Dupatta

The bridal dupatta that is trending currently is the bandhej work dupattas. The bandhej work is a type of handwork that creates intricate patterns and looks really pretty with bridal wear. There are a lot of choices available, you can either choose an embroidered or a plain bhandhej dupatta to add extra charm to your bridal look. More specifically, if your bridal lehenga is a neutral shade, add a contrast bandhej dupatta to brighten up your look. If you want to stand out as a bride, do try bandhej as your bridal dupatta.

bandhej bridal dupatta
Image credit: threads.werindia.com
pink bridal dupatta
Image Credit: Ulupi Parikh

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2. Banarasi Dupatta

I personally feel banarasi dupatta possesses royal charisma. Therefore, adding it to your bridal outfit will make you no less than a queen. I have been in love with banarasi work ever since I have seen my mom’s fine banarasi sarees. Fascinatingly, the beauty of banarasi fabric never fades away, the older it gets the better. Furthermore, you can also use your mother’s dupatta or saree as your bridal dupatta. This will not only enhance your look but also make it look more regal.

banarasi bridal dupatta
Image Credit: Shradha Luthra
banarasi dupatta for wedding
Image Credit: Sunny Dhiman Photography
red Banarasi dupatta for lehenga
Image Credit: Ekaya

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3. Gota Fringe dupatta

You must have seen the fringy gota on the edges of your mother’s bridal lehenga. Well, those pretty fringe gota border are in fashion again. These gota border add the extra traditional allure to your bridal look. The fringy gota dupattas look really beautiful and will certainly make your bridal look unique.

Image Credit: Aiza Naeem
Image Credit: artcapture_prod

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4. Dupatta with trail

Taking a hint from the trailing gowns, our designers have created the trailing lehengas as well as dupattas for the Indian brides. The trailing dupattas are very much in fashion as they are really delightful. Additionally, they make you feel like a princess in a fairy tale. Moreover, you can customize the length of the trail according to your wish and comfort.

Image Credit: Shaadi Wish
Image Credit: Priyanka Kamboj Chopra

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5. Embroidered jaal work dupatta

After the bandhej dupattas, the trend of complete jaali work dupatta is gaining popularity among millennial brides. These are complete heavy work dupatta with checks or floral jaal over them. Particularly, if you don’t want a heavily embroidered lehenga, you can add a heavy jaal work dupatta. These dupattas are really unique and currently very much in trend.

Image credit: Razz Nischal
Image Credit: The Crimson Bride

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6. Organza with embroidered border

Organza is the latest fashion rage in Indian fashion. Subsequently, organza dupattas have gained much popularity in bridal fashion. Organza with its unique texture and sheerness adds extra glamour to your bridal look. Lightly embroidered organza dupattas are very much in fashion nowadays. You can create a refreshing bridal look with these pretty dupattas.

Image Credit: The Crimson Bride
Image Credit: Shaadi Wish

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7. Sequin embroidery

Another option for bridal dupattas includes delicate sequin work dupattas. The sequin embroidery will certainly add extra bling to your bridal outfit without making it look heavy. The sequin work involves fine embroidery that adds a little glitter and glam. These types of dupattas are very popular as they are not too heavy and easy to carry.

Image Credit: Chamak & More

8. Cut work border

The cutwork border dupattas have unique patterned borders that are very different from regular bridal dupattas. The edgy borders give a heavy look to your bridal outfit. These cutwork dupattas are really graceful and will make your wedding outfit exquisite. There are so many options for cutwork dupattas depending upon your preference. You can opt for heavy or light work bridal dupattas according to your bridal outfit.

Image Credit: Shaadi Wish
Image Credit: House On The Clouds

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9. Sanskrit Shloka dupatta

The bridal dupattas embellished with Sanskrit shloka were made famous by Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. However, these are very much in rage presently. The millennial brides love to adorn dupattas with these blessings on them.

One can of course customize the verses, you can also add the names of bride and groom. Thus, you can have ample of options to customize the bridal dupatta according to your choice.

Image Credit: Shaadi Wish

10. Simple Net dupatta with light work

And finally, the evergreen net dupatta with a subtle work on border. These simple bridal dupattas are graceful and has the own unique charm which never fades away with time. You can never go wrong with this simple net dupattas. Therfore, if you are not sure about the above choices then go for this one.

A simple net dupatta with a light embroidery on the border will go with every kind of bridal outfit.

Simple bridal dupatta design
Image Credit: throughthebarrel
bridal net dupatta design
Image Credit: sutej.pannu

So, these were all the latest bridal dupatta designs that you can choose from. A bridal outfit is really special for every girl and I hope this article helped.

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