10 Gorgeous gajra hairstyle for wedding 2021

Trending bridal hairstyles with flowers
Indian wedding hairstyles

If you are a soon-to-be bride and searching for some gorgeous floral hairstyle for wedding, you’ve landed at just the right spot. 

A flower is the best hair accesory that you can ever have. Interestingly, flowers are also considered ausicipious in Indian weddings. Therefore, bridal hairstyle is incomplete without flowers. More specifically, gajra is an indispensable part of the Indian bridal hairstyle. The soothing and sweet floral-smelling flowers are enough to amp up your wedding look. 

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Scroll down to see some pretty floral Indian bridal hairstyles. Take some inspiration and rock your bridal look.

Here is how you can incorporate gajra fever into your bridal hairstyle.

1. Floral hairstyle with rose petals and mogra

Indian bridal hairstyle for wedding
Photo by SKG Photography from Pexels

2. Jalidaar Gajra hairstyle

Gajra hairstyle for bride
Image source: hairstylerukku.com

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3. Floral swirl around the bun

wedding hairstyle
Image source: Pinterest

4. Bridal hairstyle with roses

flower hairstyle
Photo by UniQue PhotoGraphy By Sonam Singh from Pexels
bridal hairstyles
Photo by Farddin Protik from Pexels

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5. Simple bun with floral border

bridal hairstyles
Photo by Krishna Studio from Pexels

6. Change of color- light pink floral hairstyle

bridal bun hairstyles with flowers
Photo by Digvijaysingh Rajput from Pexels

7. Half Gajra for the minimalist bride

bridal trends
Photo by Sabesh Photography on Unsplash

8. Half moon Gajra with low bun

gajra hairstyles for bride
Photo by Vaibhav Nagare on Unsplash

9. Hint of roses

rose hairstyle
Image source: madhura.mua
hairstyle with roses
Photo by SKG Photography from Pexels

10. Falling Mogra Gajra with braid

Indian wedding bridal hairtyle
Image source: Pinterest

This was the list of some lovely floral bridal hairstyle for wedding. Which one was your favorite? Let us know through comments below.

I hope this article was helpful. Do share it with a soon-to-be bride in 2021.

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