15 Latest Gota Hairstyles for Bride to be

Gota bridal hairstyles

Looking for some inspiration for bridal hairstyle. Scroll down to check out some prettiest gota hairstyle for bride.

The trend of bridal hairstyles keeps on evolving. Furthermore, every time there is a unique element added to the bridal hairstyle to make them trendy and stylish. Interestingly, the latest trend of adding gota strings and ribbons to hairstyles is wildly popular. Modern brides are ditching the conventional bridal buns for these lovely bridal braids with gota strings. Particularly, if your wedding is around the corner, then you have landed at the right place.

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Herein, we have compiled some latest and prettiest gota hairstyles for bride to be. You can certainly, some inspiration from these bridal braids intertwined with gota strings and take your bridal look a notch higher. Also, comment down your fav gota hairstyles for this wedding season and share this with a bride-to-be.

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Each of these hairstyles is unique in itself and perfect for the bride and all the girls in the bride squad.

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Multiple Braids with Golden Gota

Take inspiration from this unique bridal hairstyle with multiple braids intertwined together with the golden gota ribbon. The Hairstyle is accessorized in such a subtle manner that does not at all look overburdened. Moreover, these gota bridal braids look so beautiful that you want to ditch the conventional flowers for this.

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Image Credit: Vidya P

Bridal braid with gota and Paranda

Another classic Gota hairstyle to glam up your ethnic look this wedding season is depicted below. Moreover, This beautiful gota hairstyle for bride has an earthy traditional vibe due to the paranda. This bridal hairstyle with paranda and gota is perfect for haldi and mehndi ceremonies as well. Furthermore, you can also add little flowers to make it look prettier.

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Image Credit: Pannas_makeup

Bridal Braids with gota String

Adding colors to your basic bridal hairstyle can be a real game-changer for your bridal look. Thus, here we have a simple and basic bridal braid with gota strings and laktan to make it look uber stylish. Simply, in love with this gorgeous look. Do try it out once, this wedding season.

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gota bridal braids
Image Credit: Neha Singh

Heavy Gota Bridal Braids with Paranda

Not a fan of simple things, then this Gota bridal hairstyle is for you. A pretty bridal braids, adorned with shiny gota and mirror latkans at the end. Besides, if you are a maximalist bride, you have to try this bridal hairstyle in at least one of your wedding functions. You can more different kinds of gota and latkan to this for a personal touch.

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heavy lace for braids
Image Credit: Mehak Kawatra

Twisted Gota Braids for Bride

Bored with the regular braided bridal hairstyles? Well, worry not, here is a unique twisted braid with intertwined gota strings for a unique and gorgeous bridal look. This would be a perfect hairstyle for a minimalist bride who wants something unique.

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bridal braids with gota lace
Image Credit: Pinterest

Pretty Gota Bridal Braids

Another simplistic bridal braid with gota string is this classic short braid with small latkans at the end. Moreover, you can go with different accessories such as flowers or jewelry to further accentuate your whole look.

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bridal gota hairstyle
Image Credit: Sejal Savaliya

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Jeweled Bridal Braids

This bridal hairstyle with gota is just drop-dead gorgeous. Additionally, you can also add some colors to your gota string for hair that matches your outfit.

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colourful bridal hairstyle
Image Credit: Sejal Savaliya

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Bridal Gota Braid

latest bridal hairstyle
Image Source: Allison Taylor

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Classic Golden Gota Braid

lace braids for bridal hairstyle
Image Credit: Amir Naveed Hairstylist

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Bridal Braid with Gota String

gota string for hair
Image Credit: Pinterest

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Multicolor Gota Hairstyles

gota string barid
Image Credit: Pinterest

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Pretty Gota String for Hair

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Open Hairstyle with Gota String

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Gota Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short hair is not a problem if you want a braid with gota lace. This simple yet unique hairstyle can be easily crafted on short hair. The hairstyle is uber stylish and very chic. This is perfect for a modern-day bride with short hair and minimal hair accessories and yet soo stylish.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Minimalist Gota Hairstyle

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Still confused? Here are some of more latest and trending bridal hairstyles with Gota lace, do check them out once and comment on your fav one in the comment section below.

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Also, if you are looking for a tutorial for gota braids do check out this video below. This video explains how to make a bridal hairstyle with lace accessories.

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This was the compilation of some of the prettiest Gota Hairstyles for Bride! So, pick your fav and start prepping up!

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