15+ Lively Groom Entry Song For Indian Wedding

groom entry songs

Indian weddings are nothing without music. So, check out the amazing and lively groom entry song here.

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It is a fact that Indian Weddings are known for their grandeur and lavishness. Along with this, the groom’s entry is the most important aspect of the Indian wedding. Moreover, groom’s entry song sets the tone for the entire wedding. Interestingly, the song is played as the groom makes his way to the mandap. Moreover, the groom entry song is usually chosen as a reflection of his personality and tastes. Furthermore, some grooms prefer their favorite song or a song that holds a special significance in their life.

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1. Romance like SRK

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The groom entry song is usually accompanied by traditional Indian instruments. Thus, these instruments add to the grandeur of the occasion.

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2. Tenu Leke

Overall, the groom entry song is an integral part of an Indian wedding. Furthermore, it is important to choose a song that reflects emotion and a romantic mood. Moreover, groom entry song makes the wedding ceremony memorable for everyone.

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3. Sajanji Ghar Aaaye

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4. Siya Ram Ram Jai Jai Ram

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5. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

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6. Tum Prem Ho

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7. Ek Dil Ek Jaan

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8. Albela Sajan

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9. Ghar More Pardesiya

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10. Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram

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11. Piya Ghar Aavenge

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12. Ainvayi Ainvayi Remix

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13. Kaun Hai Voh

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14. Raanjhanaa Hua Mai Tera

15. Tere Dware Pe Aayi Baraat

16. Jannat Ve

17. Sang Sang Rahenge Janam Janam

18. Aaye Dulhe Raja

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So, this was list some amazing and fun groom entry songs. Hope you find it helpful. Do share it with friends who are going to get married soon. Also, do leave your comment below.

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