15 Traditional Heavy Mangalsutra Design For You

antique mangalsutra design

Hey! check out some trendy and traditional heavy mangalsutra design you must try.

As a symbol of marriage and commitment, the gold mangalsutra holds a special place in Hindu tradition. It is a beautiful and meaningful way to symbolize the commitment and love of a marriage. Also, mangalsutra is a timeless piece of jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation. Interestingly, gold mangalsutras can come in a variety of designs. However heavy mangalsutras have typically characterized the presence of large, ornate pendants. Besides traditional gold mangalsutra designs, more modern and contemporary styles are also available.

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There are many different styles of heavy mangalsutra designs to choose from. Besides, it can range from simple and understated to elaborate and ornate.

Scroll down to check out some amazing heavy mangalsutra design:

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Traditional gold mangalsutras

These are made of gold and often feature intricate filigree work and hand-crafted designs. They may also have diamonds or other precious stones set into the design.

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heavy mangalsutra design
Image Credit: Pinterest

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antique mangalsutra design
Image Credit: Simple craft Ideas

One popular design for a gold mangalsutra is the classic black bead necklace with a gold pendant.

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sone ka mangalsutra
Image Credit: Jewel elegance

Intricate filigree work decorates the heavy mangalsutra design, adding a touch of vintage glamour.

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Image Credit: Waman Hari Pethe Sons

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Temple mangalsutras

These mangalsutras are inspired by temple jewelry. It is a traditional Indian jewelry style often worn by gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology. Furthermore, temple mangalsutras are typically made of gold. Also, they are adorned with intricate designs and precious stones.

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temple jewellery mangalsutra
Image Credit: Zivar creations

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temple mangalsutra
Image Credit: Kushal’s

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Image Credit: Pinterest

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Image Credit: Neelkanth Jewellers

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Kundan mangalsutras

Kundan is a type of traditional Indian jewelry-making technique. It involves setting gemstones into gold using a foil backing. Particularly, kundan mangalsutras are known for their intricate, ornate designs. Furthermore, they are a popular choice for brides who want a unique and elaborate look.

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Image Credit: Konkimalla Jewellers | Gold & Silver Jewellery

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Image Credit: Pinterest

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Image Credit: Abdesigns Jewellery

A bold and modern design, the gold mangalsutra showcases geometric shapes.

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Image Credit: Daphne Bazaar

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traditional marathi mangalsutra
Image Credit: South Indian Jewels

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Diamond mangalsutras

These are similar to traditional heavy gold mangalsutra design. However, they are adorned with diamonds instead of gold. Moreover, they are a stunning and elegant choice for a special occasion.

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Image Credit: Pinterest

Another popular design for a gold mangalsutra is the addition of diamonds or other precious stones to the pendant.

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trendy mangalsutra designs
Image Credit: Bling Bag

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18k gold mangalsutra
Image Credit: Pinterest

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latest diamond mangalsutra designs
Image Credit: Pinterest

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Image Credit: Waman Hari Pethe Sons

Pearl mangalsutras

Pearl mangalsutras feature pearls along with diamonds or gold. Additionally, these can be a more affordable option. They are a classic choice for a sophisticated, elegant look.

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Image Credit: Aabharan by Mallika

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pearl mangalsutra
Image Credit: South Jewellery
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

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Most importantly, no matter which style of heavy mangalsutra design you choose. It is important to consider the overall look and feel of your wedding day attire. Also, a heavy mangalsutra design can be a statement piece of jewelry.

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