20 Beautiful Nath Design for Every Kind of Bride

nath design for brides

Nath is the most unique and mesmeric bridal accessory. There are a plethora of bridal nath design in the market. From small to big, kundan to diamonds, traditional to modern there are various styles. Thus, it leads to a lot of confusion for the brides. Moreover, Nath is the most prominent bridal jewelry, and if chosen judicially it can accentuate your bridal look. 

Well, no worries, here we are with the latest bridal Nath designs handpicked for every kind of bride. 

Furthermore, Nath is an indispensable part of an Indian bridal look. So, scroll down to see some incredible bridal Nath Design for every kind of Bride. 

1. Simple Nath designs

2. Moderately heavy Nath

3. Small Nath

4. Heavy Nath

5. Modern bridal nose pin

6. Traditional Nath

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1. Simple Nath Design

bridal nosepin design
Image Credit: Kirandeep Photography

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simple nath design
Photo by rajat sarki on Unsplash
minimalist nath for bride
Image Credit: Kajol R PaswwanIsrani Photography
kundan nath design
Image Credit: Hitched & Clicked

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2. Moderately Heavy Nath

unique nath design
Image Credit: Jasmeet Kapany Hair & Makeup
wedding gold nath
Image credit: Shaadi Saga And Stories by Joseph Radhik

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kundan  nath design
Image Credit: Morvi Images

3. Small Nath Design

small size nath for brides
Image Credit: Hitched & Clicked

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small nath design for brides
Image Credit: Leena Bhushan
small gold nath for wedding
Image Credit: VS Studio

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4. Heavy Nath Designs

heavy nath for brides
Image Credit: Simran | Storyteller
traditional rajputi nath design for brides
Image Credit:  Pooja Joseph Photography

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heavy nath for bride
Image Credit: Shahid Naar

5. Modern Bridal Nose Pin Design

bridal nosepin with chain
Image Credit: Pinterest

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heavy bridal nose pin design
Photo by Smeet Chaudhari
kundan nosepin design for bride
Image Credit: Pinterest

6. Traditional Nath Design

Maharashtrian Nath design

Maharashtrian Nath design
Image Credit: Swapnil Photography

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Kumaoni (Uttarakhand) Nath Design

uttarakhand nath design
Image Credit: Kavya Bhakuni

Himachali Nath Design

himachali nath design
Image Credit: pinkvilla

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