20+ Best Name Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

name tattoo ideas
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Are you planning to get inked? How about name tattoos? Scroll down to check out some awesome name tattoo designs.

The best way to show your love or acknowledge someone’s importance in your life is by getting their name inked on your body. Furthermore, name tattoos can be designed in many forms. However, in all the name tattoos one common thing is the message of love and affection. If you are planning to get your loved one’s name tattooed on your body, you must be confused about what name tattoo design to choose. Therefore, We have compiled some of the best tattoo designs with names, scroll down to choose your favorite. 

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Here is a list of 20 awesome name tattoo designs that would persuade you to get one yourself. Thus, take a look!

1. Simple Name Tattoo Design on Arms

A tattoo remains with you forever, therefore you must choose it very wisely. A tattoo on arm is trendy, so here we have listed some fantastic name tattoo designs on the arms. Therefore, do check them out and comment down your fav one.

name tattoo design on arms
Image Credit: Etsy.com
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

2. Name Tattoo Design on Back

However, if you wish to get a bigger size tattoo design with a name on it. In that case, the ideal place would be your back.

name tattoo design on back
Image Credit: Pinterest

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3. Rose Tattoo with Name

name tattoo design with rose

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4. Name with Heart Tattoo

children name tattoo design
Image Credit: Pinterest

5. Infinity Tattoo with Names

couple name tattoo design
Image Credit: The Trend Spotter

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6. Name Tattoo Design with Arrow

tattoo with names
Image Credit: Pinterest

7. Name Tattoo with Heart and Balloons

kids names tattoo ideas
Image Credit: Pinterest

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8. Radha-Krishna Name Tattoo

Krishna tattoo design on arms
Image Credit: Sachin Tattooz

9. Roman Numeral Tattoo Design

Roman numeral tattoo design
Image Credit: Skin Machine Tattoo Studio

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10. Infinity Name Tattoo Design

name tattoo ideas

11. Tattoo Designs dedicated to Parents

maa and paa tattoo design

12. Angel Tattoo Design with Name

mom and dad tattoos
Image Credit: Pajaris

13. Name Tattoo Designs for Parents

parents tattoo designs
Image credit: Pinterest

14. Name Tattoo Design with Heartbeat

tattoo dedicated to parents
Image Credit: Ashok Tatto Wala

15. Name Tattoo for Mother

maa tattoo ideas
Image Credit: Skin Machine Tattoo Studio

16. Maa Tattoo Designs

hindi tattoo designs
Image Credit: Ashok Tatto Wala

17. Hinglish Name Tattoo Design

Another type of name tattoo design that is being increasingly popular is this Hinglish language tattoo. Particularly, Hinglish is the latest thing that is actually a hybrid of English and Hindi language.

Image Credit: Article GoaInk Tattoo

18. Sanskrit Shlok Tattoo Design

Sanskrit tattoo ideas
Image credit: Pinterest

19. Sanskrit Tattoo Design

If you are too bored with the regular name tattoo designs, then you should try the Sanskrit language name tattoo. Interestingly, sanskrit is the oldest known language to mankind that originated in India. Moreover, this language is so beautifully written that you will become a fan of this language. Furthermore, many international celebrity sport Sanskrit language tattoos on their body.

Image Credit: Skin Machine Tattoo Studio

20. Sanskrit Name Tattoo Design

Another design for the Sanskrit name tattoo design is this beautiful oriental design with the name embossed in between the design.

motif tattoo
Image Credit: Outsons

This was the list! I hope it was helpful. Also, let us know what you want to see on our blog in the comment section below.

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