25 Pretty Nail Designs For 2022

simple heart nail designs

Looking for easy nail designs to try at home? Check out these pretty nail designs below.

We women just love to pamper ourselves, particularly, we love to have freshly painted nails in pretty designs. Interestingly, gorgeous nails can instantly make you feel like a new person. However, a single trip to the salon for a manicure and new nail art can cost you heavily. Besides, we all know that doing nail art ourselves is not an easy task. Well, worry no more, we have listed down 25 extremely pretty and easy nail designs you can try at home.

Scroll down to check out some of the latest pretty nail designs and comment on your fav one below.

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Gel Nail Polish Ideas

Aren’t these beautiful and at the same time very easy? Interestingly, you can create a very amazing ombre effect by mixing two or three nail paints. Thus, check out these step-by-step guides for these simple nail designs

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pretty nail designs
Image Credit: Source

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Another combination you can easily try with the same nail designing technique is shown below. Besides, this one uses just two color nail designs.

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simple nail design
Image Credit: Source

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Also, here is another simple guide for eye-catching summer nail designs.

Pretty Nail Designs for Summer

summer nail design
Image Credit: efelinkanails via Youtube & Nail Design Journal

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Glitter Nail Designs

Are you a fan of glittery nail art? If so, do check out these awesome glitter nail designs that are very easy.

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glitter nail design
Image Credit: NonaPhilippa via Youtube & Nail Design Journal

Also, do try out this blue-colored glitter nail art ideas

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Image Credit: Deborah Lippmann

A little bit of glitter never hurts and below is the proof.

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Image Credit: Pinterest

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Neon Nail Art Design

Neons are the trendiest thing right now. So, why not try this simple neon nail design?

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v tip nail design
Image Credit: Source

Two Color Nail Designs

These two-color nail designs are easy as well as exceptionally beautiful. Here are some pretty nail designs with just two color nail paints.

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two color nail design
Image Credit: Lulus & HannahRoxNails
Image Credit: Lulus & HannahRoxNails
Image Credit: Lulus & HannahRoxNails
Image Credit: Lulus & HannahRoxNails
easy nail art design
Image Credit: Cosmoplitan

Stripe Nail Design

If you want to add some very intricate delicates to your nail art then worry not. You can make different types of pretty patterns on your nails by just using the stripes. Here are some easy and pretty stripe nail designs you can just make using stripes.

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DIY nail art ideas
Image Credit: Kelli Marissa & Nail Design Journal
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Nail Design Journal
Image Credit: Nail Design Journal

Eye Catching Summer Nail Designs

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Image Credit: Nail Design Journal
Image Credit: Pinterest

Heart Nail Designs

Image Credit: Yes Missy
Image Credit: Pinterest

Cute Nail Ideas

Image Credit: Nail Side
Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Nail stories

Dot Nail Designs

Image Credit: Just my Nails & Nail Design Journal
Image Credit: Nail Design Journal
Image Credit: Marine LP & Nail Design Journal


These were some pretty nail designs you must try in 2022! I hope it was helpful. Also, do let us know what you would like to see on our blog in the comment section below.

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