Hyderabad shopping guide: 5 Best Places for Street Shopping

budget shopping in Hyderabad
Street shopping in Hyderabad

Looking for budget shopping destinations in Hyderabad? Here is a complete Hyderabad shopping guide for you.

The City of Hyderabad is known for its monuments, Palaces, and culinary flavours. Furthermore, this southern is also known for its pearls and is named as City of Pearls. Hyderabad is a shopper’s paradise. The numerous shopping destinations in Hyderabad, from street shopping to upscale boutiques. 

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Furthermore, Hyderabad is the ultimate shopping destination for wedding shopping. You can find a range of ethnic wear from local designers to world-famous designers. 

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1. Laad Bazaar

shopping in hyderabad
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One of the famous markets of Hyderabad is Laad Bazaar. It is located in the old city near Char Minar. This market is known for its exquisite variety of bangles or choodi. Besides, here you will the renowned lac or lacquer bangles in different varieties and colours. 

Apart from bangles, laad bazaar is also known for ethnic silverware and rare antiques. Furthermore, you can also find imitation jewelry, semi-precious stones, handicrafts, kalamkari, silk, perfumes and so much more! 

Location: Char Minar, Ghansi Bazaar

Major Attraction: Bangles, imitation jewelry, handicrafts, etc

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2. Begum Bazaar

budget shopping destination in hyderabad
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Begum Bazaar is one of the oldest and most popular markets in Hyderabad. Additionally, it is one of the biggest markets in the city. You can find a range of affordable items in Begum Bazaar. Particularly, this market is famous for Bidriware and Bidri studded jewelry. However, you can also get household items such as species, dry fruits, and utensils at very low prices. This place is also for affordable cosmetics, jewellery, and clothing. 

Location: Afzal Gunj

Major Attraction: Bidri work, Metal Works, and other household items.

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3. Perfume Market

street shopping guide in hyderabad
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The perfume market of Hyderabad is famous for its locally produced perfumes, known as ittar/attar of top quality. This is a must-visit place for perfume lovers. You can find various natural fragrances such as Sandalwood oil, musk, rose, jasmine, etc. 

Location: Moti Chawk, near Charminar

Major Attraction: Locally produced perfumes

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4. Nampally

must visit markets in Hyderabad
Photo by Sujith Devanagari on Unsplash

Another Shopper’s paradise is the Nampally market in Hyderabad. You can find almost every kind of stuff in this market. Some of the major attractions are footwear, bangles, clothes, handbags, jewelry, wallet, and handicraft items. 

This place is also known for some of the most popular restaurants in Hyderabad. 

Location: Nampally

Major Attraction: Jewelry, handicraft etc. 

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5. Shilparamam

Hyderabad Shopping guide
Photo by Sujith Devanagari on Unsplash

It is a rural-themed marketplace located a little off the main city. You can find here traditional paintings, hand-painted fabrics, handicraft décor items, earthenware, metal wares, and other wooden items. 

Location: Hi-Tech City

Major Attractions: Handicraft and natural fabrics

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This was all about the Hyderabad shopping guide, do visit these places and share your experience in the comment section below.

Hope you find this article helpful. Happy shopping!!

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