Welcome to my blog, I am Kavya, a newbie in the world of blogging. Through this website, I am pursuing my passion for shopping, fashion, and make-up. My friends and family firmly believe in my choice when it comes to shopping and beauty tips. So, in spite of being a new blogger, I feel that I have been doing the same thing for quite a long time. 

I am an ardent saree lover and my affection for them is vividly described in my articles. I am a shopping enthusiast too and have never said no to shopping under any circumstances. My passion for shopping has inspired me to explore every kind of market from the dingy lanes of Old Delhi to the plush malls in the city.

All my blogs are based on my personal experience. Every single article that I have mentioned herein is a piece of my life. So check them out and your comments or compliments are always welcome. 

Kavya Bhakuni