Face roller: Everything you need to know

facial roller

Wondering what the latest fad of face rollers is all about? This article covers everything you need to know about a face roller.

The face rollers are presently the most trending skin care equipment. You must have seen a facial roller on social media or in shops around you. This cute gadget is popularly known as a jade roller. It has a tiny rolling pin made up of jade stone on one or both ends. 

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Benefits of Using a Face Roller

These jade facial rollers are famous for offering various skin benefits. Here are some proven face roller benefits:

  1. Boosts blood circulation:  Massaging with a roller can improve blood flow to the face. Thus, making your skin look brighter and firmer.
  2. Reduce Puffiness: Using a cool jade roller may help decrease under eye puffiness. You may store your roller in the refrigerator for 15-20 mins before use. This is because cold objects diminishes inflammation temporarily and soothes swelling. 
  3. Better absorption of skincare products: Massaging your face with a skincare product using a roller is very effective. It not only distributes the products equally but also delivers the products deeper into your skin. 
  4. Improves skin elasticity: Regular use of facial roller may help tone your skin along with reduction in fine lines. However, it is not an anti-aging solution. 

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How to use a Face Roller?

Here are few tips to use a face roller effectively:

  1. Apply a good amount of facial serum, oil on your face so that the roller runs smoothly all over your skin without friction. 
  2. Make sure you roll upwards and not back and forth using gentle pressure. 
  3. From the jawline roll upwards to the ear on both sides gently. 
  4. Conversely, roll horizontally over the eyebrows horizontally. 
  5. Glide the face roller from your nose toward the ear.
  6. Use the smaller face roller from the inner corner of the eye and roll it sideways toward the temple. 

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How often can you use a face roller?

A face roller can be used every day.  Moreover, you may use it daily for 10-15 mins for soothing and de-stressing your facial muscles.  

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Side effects of using facial roller?

There are no side effects of using a facial roller. However, using an unclean jade roller can lead to the spreading of germs and subsequently acne breakout.

Therefore, make sure you clean your roller before and after use. 

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Hope this information was useful! So, start rolling

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