Four Enduring Life Lessons from Mother

Life lessons that I have learned from my mother

This year is surely examining our creativity from birthdays to anniversaries. Celebrations are an indispensable part of life and no matter what, life must go on. This Mother’s Day is not an exception, try to make it as beautiful as you can. So your mother can look back and cherish those moments.

I firmly believe that everyone should reflect on the most appreciated learning from their mother. Therefore, I have talked to some of my friends and discussed how they have made an outsize difference with the most valuable lessons their mothers taught them. So, we can appreciate their teaching and practice them in our lives. Also, as we are ought to stay home, I will also provide the bonus tips for making the day special for the mothers.

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Magic of sharing with unprivileged people

Life lessons I Learned from my mother
Photo credit- Aashi Gupta

Out of the many things that I’ve learned from my mother, one thing that I admire the most and try to follow is the act of Sharing-be it the materialistic things, or emotions, my mother has always inculcated the habit of sharing in both of her kids, and for that matter, has led by example. Back as a kid, she taught me something very basic as sharing my toys with other kids, no matter if the other kids were doing the same or not. While growing up, I’ve seen her sharing others’ happiness as well as sadness, by being there for them in times of need.

This has made me a better person in a manner that I am willing to lend an ear as well as a helping hand, whenever required. When I got my first salary, she said, “AASHI, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SHARE WHATEVER YOU HAVE, WITH THOSE WHO ARE NOT AS PRIVILEDGED AS YOU ARE.” Since then, it has become a ritual for me to use a part of my salary for some social cause.

I am grateful to her for the kind of upbringing and values she has instilled in her children and for always leading by example.

-Aashi Gupta

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Pro Tip- Share your thoughts and feelings with your mother.

Tell her what you feel, your insecurities, your love, open your heart to her.

Courage to learn

What I learned from my mother
Photo credit- Diksha Dhiman

I call my mother a superwoman, she can do anything and from anything I literally mean anything. She is an interdisciplinary artist. The thing I most appreciate about her is she never says, “I can’t do this”, from our home electronic repair to astrology to architect to designing clothes, I have a huge list. And because I have received my mitochondria from her, I believe I have the same energy to learn, though I am not that perfect.

Moving to the next learning, it is sometimes hard for her to keep her cool, as her temper is really quick. But yes, I have seen her growing, her courage to change positively so she can bind our family is something I can’t express in words.

-Diksha Dhiman

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Pro Tip- Give her a day off.

Yes, from breakfast to dinner try to cook by yourself. Believe me, this is something very simple and beautiful, also try to bake something special like cake or anything she likes.

 Manifesting positive will

life lessons that I learned from my mother
Pic credit- Kavya Bhakuni

I am a reflection of my mother, be it looks, nature or hobbies. I have learned everything from her, however, what really impresses me is her will to remain positive. She firmly believes “we need to do what is righteous and everything else will fall into place“. I have also learned from her the art of avoiding conflict and believe me it’s essential to survive. To maintain your sanity even among the most insane kind of people. She knows how to ignore people with bad temperaments and remain calm.

Sometimes, she surprises me as she understands the unrest and pain of my silence. She even tells me how to deal with it, without even asking a single question. I believe it’s her superpower because she is a Mother.”

-Kavya Bhakuni

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Pro Tip- Take her on a date. You can use your terrace or your backyard or garden and decorate it.

Serve her with your handmade food and talk, tell her how much she means to you.

Unconditional Selfless love

lessons from mother to her daughter
Pic credit- Kareena Negi

The one person in this world who I know will always stand by me is my MOTHER. I get to learn something new from her every day. She has always shown me the right direction and at the same time helped me find my own way and knows exactly when to be stern/strict and when to be friendly. She has always managed to keep a perfect work and life balance. The most important thing I have learned from her is selfless and unconditional love. She always keeps my happiness and well-being before anything else in the world.

-Kareena Negi

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Pro Tip- you don’t need a day to celebrate motherhood.

Don’t forget to be grateful every day for everything your mother has provided you.

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  1. fantastic work yrrr…. really appreciable and awesome????????….. Its good to see that u r working on your hobby.

    • Yes, I am happy I am doing what I wanted to do, i.e to spread happiness, Thank you for your appreciation Deepak

  2. Good job Diksha ????
    U have the same extent of energy like ur mother and for perfection, I think u need to be more focussed for that particular task???? Good going and keep sharing ????


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