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Names of different varieties of handbags for ladies
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Handbags are staples for every woman’s closet. Be it casual or formal, Indian or western a handbag is unavoidable. And, there is no doubt handbags are the most desired fashion accessory. Therefore, it is essential to learn about different designs and types of handbags.

So here is the list of different types of handbags and their unique features. 

1. Tote bags

Tote Handbag
Tote bags we shopped together: mine (left) and Anamika Sindhu’s (right).
  • They are rectangular shaped bags with ample space to accommodate your stuff.
  • They are often oversized and have a heavy-duty design.
  • For a formal event go for a sleek tote bag.

You can use it as your daily office bag as well as your shopping companion.

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2. Hobo handbags

Hobo handbag is a type of ladies purse
Winter photo created by bearfotos –
  • They have a half-moon shape and slouchy outline.
  • It’s a perfect shoulder bag for a chic and bohemian look.
  • You can find them in different sizes according to your need.

Its a versatile kind of handbag, it fits well as your daily office bag and for a casual outing.

3. Micromini handbags

micro and mini handbags are the latest fashion trend of 2021
  • They are mini versions of rectangular handbags.
  • These tiny handbags are the latest trend and you see them everywhere.
  • They fulfill the same purpose as a clutch, however, they are more casual and have a handle, unlike clutches.

Minibags are totally in nowadays, carry it anywhere to create fashion statement.

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 4. Bucket handbags

Bucket handbags are perfect for college going girls
  • They have a flat bottom and round top with drawstring closure at top.
  • They can have both a short strap and a crossbody strap. 
  • You can find them in embroidered as well as leathery material.

Its a must have for college going girls as it fashionable and spacious.

5. Fanny bags (waist bags)

Fanny bags are also waist bags
Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash
  • Fanny bag is a small pouch attached to the waist belt, therefore also referred to as bum bags.
  • It’s highly handy, hassle-free, and keeps your hands free. 
  • They are usually small and ideal to store important things such as passport, card, etc.

Its a ideal travelling bag, so you can click pictures while keeping your essentials safe.

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6. Baguette handbags

Baguette handbags have reemerged as the latest fashion trend among ladies
  • They are rectangular, compact bags with short shoulder straps.
  • It is named after a long and narrow french bread called baguette, as it resembles its shape.
  • Personally, I relate them more to vintage fashion.

Ideal for a formal occasion where you need to carry limited items.

 7. Messenger bags

Messenger bag
Photo by Lina Verovaya on Unsplash
  • It’s a rectangular, large bag with multiple pockets and long straps.
  • These are unisex bags and can be worn diagonally across the body or on the shoulder.
  • Also known as courier bags as they have lots of storage space. 

It is a great option for school students as well as corporate employees. Use it as your stylish laptop bag and remain fashion forward.

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8. The clutch

The clutch is an ultimate choice for evening cocktail parties.
  • The clutch is a handheld purse that may or may not have a long strap. 
  • They are available in different sizes, however, used to carry only bare essentials. 
  • Minaudier is a type of hard material clutch studded with stones or pearls.

The clutch is an ideal date night purse. Carry it to a wedding event or formal office party and achieve that sophisticated yet fashionable look.

 9. Backpack purses

Backpack purses for travel enthusiast
Image credit: Megha Ghosh and Kavya Bhakuni
  • It is a fashionable version of a backpack. 
  •  They can be found in different sizes but are typically smaller than regular backpacks. 
  • These multipurpose bags have been in fashion for quite some time.

These hands-free bags are ideal for travelers, shoppers as well as college students.

10. Crossbody bags

Sling bags or crossbody bags are comfortable and stylish
Image credit: Megha Ghosh
  • These are long strap bags that can be found in different shapes and sizes.
  • They are fashionable, chic, functional, and comfortable.
  • They are also called sling bags, jute, and bamboo sling bags are the recent fashion rage. 

Crossbody are highly multifunctional, it can be your traveling as well as an everyday bag.

 11. Doctor’s handbags

Doctors handbags for women
  • They have a short handle, rigid body, and metal grip closure. 
  • As the name suggests, it is adapted from the bag that doctors used to carry in the past. 
  • They can be your shoulder bags as well as handheld bags.

Ideal for regular office use as they are spacious and sophisticated. 

 12. Wristlet

Wristlet is a type of handheld purse
  • It is a small wallet shaped pouch with a loop at one end to strap around the wrist.
  • Compared to clutch they are less organized with just one open compartment. 
  • They are just like a less fancy clutch with a loop.

Carry it inside your handbag to keep smaller items such as cards, coins and makeup products.

13. Satchel Handbags

The satchel is another variety of handbags for women
  • Traditionally, satchels were similar to messenger bags in appearance and was popular among men as well as women.
  • However, satchel handbags have evolved to be more fashionable and feminine.
  • They are highly functional, as they are roomier and posses both a short and long strap.

I think it is a must-have handbag, it’s stylish, comfortable to carry, and has ample space to store all your stuff.

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