How to Choose Sunglasses for Women

Sunglasses buying guide for women

Planning to buy a nice pair of sunglasses for yourself? Great! However, wondering how to choose sunglasses for yourself.

However, Therefore, buying sunglasses is not an easy task. There are numerous sunglasses styles with different features available in the market today. However, which one would be perfect for you? If you are wondering about these questions, well you have landed at the right place!

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Why do you need Sunglasses?

Wearing a perfect pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate any outfit. However, sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also protect your eyes from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Besides, sunglasses also safeguard your eyes from dust and debris while riding a bicycle or jogging.  Along with this, sunglasses are known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused due to squinting in the sunlight. 

Classic Styles Sunglasses for Women

Here are a few different types of sunglasses for women

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Things to look for before buying sunglasses

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Wondering what to look for when buying sunglasses? Here I am sharing a list of critical factors you must consider when purchasing sunglasses. 

  1. 100% UV protection

Opt for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. Usually, this feature is indicated on the sunglasses as a tag or as a sticker. 

  1.  Polarized lens

Polarized sunglasses are helpful in reducing glare from reflective surfaces. However, they do not block out UV rays. These are particularly helpful when boating, driving, or out in the snow. 

  1. Bigger glasses for better protection

The skin around the eyes is more prone to sunburn. As the skin circling the eyes is more tender and thin. Therefore, bigger sunglasses offer more coverage and ensure less sun damage.

  1. Color does not matter

You can easily find sunglasses in various colors such as amber, black, green, or grey lenses. Although, color has nothing to do with how efficiently it can block sun rays.  Still, colored lenses may increase contrast, especially useful for athletes who play sports

  1. Find your perfect fit

Always try different kinds of sunglasses to find one that fits you perfectly and comfortably. Since ill-fitted sunglasses may appear awkward and will not provide adequate protection against sunlight.  

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How to choose sunglasses according to your face

Here is your answer to how to choose sunglasses according to your face.

sunglasses buying guide
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Some Special Feature of Sunglasses

There are various additional features that you must know before buying sunglasses. These majorly include superior filters and coatings on your lenses. Based on these features you may decide which sunglasses you want according to your need. Accordingly, the special features are described in detail below:

  1. Polarized Lens: These cut the reflected glare caused due to reflection of sunlight when it strikes surfaces like water or pavement. 
  2. Mirror Coating: This kind of coating minimizes the amount of visible light entering your eyes. Subsequently, it is especially useful for those who are highly sensitive to bright light. Moreover, mirror coating offers extra protection to the skin around your eyes.
  3. Gradient Tint: These lenses are permanently tinted from the top down. Gradient lenses are apt for driving as they block the overhead sunlight, while permitting light to pass across the bottom half of the lens.
  4. Photochromic Lenses: These lenses automatically adjust their color according to the light outside. The lens becomes dark in bright light and lighter under low light environment. 

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How To Care For Your Sunglasses?

how to choose sunglasses
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  1. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens of your sunglasses.
  2. Never use paper towels to clean your lenses. As the wood content in the paper will scratch the lenses.
  3. While not in use, store your pair of sunglasses in a sturdy closed case. 

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  1. Thank you for the expert advice. What I found really useful is the fact about the skin around the eyes. I can already see some sunspots over there. Next time a buy one, I will buy big glasses.


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