How to sleep better at night: 8 proven tips

how to improve sleep

It is a well-understood fact that sleep is vital for our physical and mental well-being. However, a significant percentage of the population often feel sleep-deprived and are particularly sleepy throughout day time. Wondering how to sleep better naturally?

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle adversely affects our sleep pattern and quality of sleep. There are no quick-fix hacks to sleep well. A sound sleep involves a better holistic procedure of living a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Here are 8 things to help you sleep better.

1. Wake up at a fixed time

When there is no fixed time to wake up, our body finds it difficult to get accustomed to a healthy sleep routine. Therefore, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern will help you sleep better. Consequently, you will wake up more energetic in the morning. However, also make sure that you get the recommended amount of sleep every night.

Follow a strict sleep schedule, stick to a fixed time to sleep, and wake up in the morning.   

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2. Cut down caffeine intake

Caffeine intake makes us active as well as more alert. Thus, people often consume caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee, or energy drinks to curb daytime sleepiness. However, taking too much caffeine may cause long-term sleep deprivation. Ideally, one must not consume caffeine 6-7 hours before bedtime. Some aerated drinks or sodas also contain appreciable quantities of caffeine. 

Therefore, for better sleep avoid tea or coffee in the afternoon or evening. 

3. Lighter dinner for better sleep

Our body works hard to digest the food. Sleeping after a heavy dinner would be difficult as your body is still working to digest the food. Besides, one must also avoid nighttime snacks. At the same time, do not go to bed hungry. 

Hence, lighter dinner is the key to a good night’s sleep. 

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4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol causes sleepiness, which is why most people use it as a nightcap. On the contrary, alcohol reduces sleep quality as it disrupts your ability to go into a deep sleep. Interestingly, deep sleep is the key to body recovery and memory functioning. 

Overall, if you want sound sleep, you must avoid alcohol before bedtime

5. Disconnect from electronic gadgets

Using electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops before bedtime is a very bad idea. These electronic gadgets keep our brains busy and working, making it hard to fall asleep. Furthermore, the light emitted from the devices makes us attentive and suppresses the production of melatonin. This in turn lowers our sleep quality. 

For a night of deep sleep, steer clear of screens at least 2 hours before bedtime. 

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6. Exercise regularly

There are broad advantages of exercising daily for physical and mental health. Studies support the fact that regular exercise promotes solid sleep and makes you feel rejuvenated. One hour of physical activity is thus necessary for overall wellness. 

Besides, intense physical activity just before bedtime must be avoided. 

7. Avoid day time naps

Longer or late afternoon naps hinder your nighttime sleep schedule. The best time to nap is early afternoon and for just 20-30 mins.

Follow a strict sleep schedule as mentioned in point no. 1, disrupting it with unnecessary naps can cause sleeplessness at night.   

8. Design your bedroom for sleep

create a sleep positive environment for your bedroom. Use dark curtains to block light. You can also use lavender essential oil for a soothing and natural aroma for your bedroom. Besides, taking a bath before bedtime may also promote sound sleep. 

Make your bedroom cool, dark, and quiet for a peaceful slumber. 

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These were few lifestyle changes you must innoculate for good sleep. Hope it was useful, do share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Rest well & wake up rejuvenated!

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