Kumkumadi Oil – A beauty secret from Ayurveda


About Kumkumadi Oil

Ancient Indian text “Ayurveda” is a priceless source of health and beauty remedies. One such miraculous gift from Ayurveda to mankind is “Kumkumadi oil”. It is a potion made of natural herbs and oils. It has derived its name from red-gold saffron (Kumkuma in Sanskrit) which is its key constituent. I got to know about this facial oil when I came across a highly rated beauty serum based on Kumkumadi oil from a luxurious brand. This made me very curious and I decided to explore more about this oil. So, the very next day, I got my hands on it. Since I simply wanted to test the oil first; I chose an ayurvedic pharmaceutical brand instead of a luxurious one. 

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My personal experience

I have a combination skin type; one or two pimples occur once every month around my nose, cheeks, and chin. Primarily, I don’t have problematic skin and rarely use any high-end beauty products. However, after using it for two to three weeks, I experienced great results. The incidents of pimples reduced. Besides, even if there were symptoms of pimple appearance, such as inflammation, redness or tenderness, it vanished in the next two to three days. On the other hand, I saw no improvement in dark circle reduction. Overall, I experienced a healthy and glowing skin after regular usage of kumkumadi oil.

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My friend’s experience

I recommended it to one of my friends who is working in Kerala. She has a very busy schedule and rarely finds time for skincare. She was facing skin problems like adult acne, uneven skin tone and spots from earlier acne episodes for a very long time. Additionally, the weather there was mostly hot and humid. Within a month of regular use of kumkumadi oil, she encountered incredible results. Her acne problem reduced drastically, black spots and blemishes began to disappear. Interestingly, she was even complimented by her friend for her glowing skin, whom she met after a very long time.

In summary, me and my friend both have different skin types and live under contrasting weather conditions. Yet it delivered positive results for both of us. So, hands down kumkumadi oil is truly extraordinary.

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Benefits of Kumkumadi oil

It helps in treating the following skin issues:

Acne and pimple

The antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make this oil extremely effective against acne and pimple. Along with this, it reduces redness and pain caused by acne. 

Uneven Skin tone

Regular application of kumkumadi oil can treat skin pigmentation and makes the skin tone even. 


The herbal ingredients of the oil make your skin radiant giving it a natural glow.  

Blemishes and acne scar

It prevents the occurrence of acne scars along with lightening old scars upon continuous usage

Sun damage

Its high vitamin E content makes it an efficient natural sunscreen and helps in reducing tanning. 

How to apply Kumkumadi oil

For best results apply it at night before going to bed. The step-by-step guide on how to apply the oil is as follows. 

  • Wash your face and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Take 4-5 drops of oil, rub it between your palms.
  • Massage your face gently until the oil spreads evenly. It’s non-sticky, and the skin absorbs it easily.

Having said all this, you must never forget that no matter how many beauty remedies you try, the key to healthy skin is nutrition. Avoid junk food, eat healthy, add seasonal fruits to your diet and stay hydrated. You can try some homemade face mask for healthy and glowing skin. Moreover, sound sleep and a stress-free lifestyle are highly important.

Thus, I personally recommend you all readers to try kumkumadi oil at least once and experience its magical outcomes.

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