Monochrome look – Styling tips you should know

Tips to slay the monochrome look

The monochrome look has been in fashion for quite a few seasons, and it’s going to stay long. So ladies, gear up to sport the monochrome outfits in 2020. 

What is a monochrome look?

While fuse can be finicky, the monochromatic look dressing can be elegant yet stylish. By monochromatic dressing, we mean outfits of one color with different shades and tints. There is an inherent simplicity in monochromatic outfits that makes them pretty and versatile. For instance, pair your charcoal grey pants with a light grey top and handbag of darker grey shade. 

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Here are some useful tips for rocking a monochrome outfit for every occasion

  1. Go for darker colors like brown, burgundy, black, grey, etc. to create an illusion of a taller and leaner frame. 
  2. If you are going for different shades of singular color, highlight your asset with lighter shades. Likewise, if you have a heavy lower body, try on skirts or pants of darker shades and lighter ones on top. 
  3. Use a belt to add some structure and accentuate your waist in a flowy monochromatic outfit. 
  4. Break the monotony by adding different textures on your monochromatic outfit. Raise the fashion quotient by adding a shimmery texture to your attire. 
  5. Add layers and voguish cuts to create a fresh and modern look in a monochromatic outfit. For instance, including flares, ruffles, shoulder cuts, etc. can make you look sexy yet classy.  
  6. Add some stylish accessories like a bold necklace, cocktail ring, dangler or cluster ear studs, etc. to create a statement look. 

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Besides, you can create a refershing look by adding your own creativity and pull off that monochromatic attire in style. 

[PIC COURTESY – Diksha Dhiman]

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