Perception, will, and action: fighting the virus against mental peace

Perception, will, and action: fighting the virus against mental peace
Some of us are stressed. Others are overworked.

From the beginning of the 21st century, the science of mental peace has continued to take momentum, and yet, people are facing challenges. With the recent advent of COVID-19, the entire world is plunged into chaos and depression. People are locked up in their houses, some with the family (I’ll call them the blessed one) and some alone. Whatever is the scenario. The current situation has made us ruminate on how deeply we are destroyed mentally.

For surviving this pandemic with peace, here I’m with some philosophical disciplines that might help to take good care of your mental health:


Perception- fighting corona

The most important area we can work on right now is differentiating between what we can change and what we can’t. We can’t change the fact that the virus has created an alarming situation. We can only contribute by not stepping out of our houses. Similarly, in our lives, there are many things we can’t control, like an individual’s mindset. Communication might help but to a limited extent. In this case, molding your perception and understanding the different mindset is sometimes fruitful.

One of my friends had been working hard in the corporate world for the past year. Amid this lockdown, he got stuck in his flat alone. Even after being away from his family, he said: “I am enjoying the things, it was not possible for me to deadbeat, watch Netflix and be in the same town for more than two days due to my work.” I know this is non-productive and is not good for self- growth, but looking at it from a different perception will allow you to understand how much ‘being stagnant’ is helping him in this terrible time.

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If you don’t have the will to do something then, don’t do that, “Mastery requires patience” and further, time is needed to enrich patience in oneself, so fight for that will. Why do you want to change? Why learn a new language when you can watch one more Netflix movie, why to help your mother in the kitchen when you can update your Instagram status or play video games? The will to know the why is crucial and can only be gained through patience. Give yourself time to be patient enough to work on your will.

One of my friends is working from home regardless of whether she is stuck alone in her flat. As many government organizations are not able to contribute to the country’s economy right now, she takes immense pride as she is contributing in times like these. She is working for 11-12 hr a day rather than her typical 7 hr office, managing her house chores herself. Her will to devote at this time of pandemic has let her keep working and the will is helping her to be productive for herself.

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Coming to the third discipline, Aristotle said, “Excellence is not an act but a habit.”

Sometimes our happiness depends on accomplishing certain goals. When fate intervenes in achieving that goal we become disheartened, that is the problem with letting our happiness be determined by things we can’t control. It’s an insane risk, try to love the process than the goals.

Take an example if your habits around health and fitness are started due to a virus named Corona and your goal is to utilize the free time and to get in shape right away. And for that, you are trying your ass off through pathetic attempts at push-ups and sit-ups, guess what these actions don’t go with your will and perception. The result will be out as soon as the lock-down will be over (from God’s grace), we all will be back to our busy schedules, then the goal will be there but not the system that was the free time. This lockdown, try to invest time in loving the process of getting in shape so the effect will be for the long term. Believe me, your mental health will thank you later. It essential to bring positive transformation from within by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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Perception, will, and action all three things should be watched before an argument, acrimony, and expecting good results.

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  1. You always write from your heart❤️ and here is the heartiest effort you made (this article) during lockdown. #keepgoing????

  2. Very well-structured read, Diksha coming straight from your heart.???? Keep this enthusiasm high up, thanks for mentioning things which we know but tend to ignore during such times.

  3. Thank you Diksha for identifying the importance of mental peace in these critical times and sharing your thoughts with all of us. It will definitely motivate someone out there in not losing hope and feel good about themselves by working hard.
    Keep the good work going gal!

    • Thank you so much for being my inspiration Parul, the work I am doing would never be easy without you.Thanks for being a constant support.

  4. Very well written. Keep it up, it’s great of you trying to bring change in people’s life.
    We are proud of you.

  5. This was such a well written article and presented so clearly!
    Certainly, perception plays a big role in how we deal with any situation that we’re in.

  6. This article is the need of the hour. Looking forward to reading more such articles. Sending my love ❤️ and wishes all the way from Israel ????????. See you soon in India ????????.

  7. wow diksha… you always surprise me with your efforts… and this is something new and really good which needs lot of appreciation… keep it up dear..❤

  8. A very well curated piece of work, Diksha!
    It provides a fresh take on the current situation while motivating us to take a journey within!
    It was indeed a treat to read! Keep up the good work, girl! ❤️

  9. Very well said Diksha ???????? heart touching & motivating words???? Thanks to you, via your article (full of real example) I’m able to inspire and guide one of my student in this depressing time. Thankyou once again!! Keep writing keep sharing ???? your beautiful few words and nice efforts gonna helps many more!!

    • Thank you so much Rink’s, I am glad you liked my work and can help to inspire students, will come with more articles like this.

  10. Thank you fufad Ji for your appreciation, you and bua g is always my role model whenever I need my guidance with patience and will power.


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