The refreshing trend of organza saree and draping tips

The refreshing trend of organza saree and draping tips

About Organza Fabric

Organza is a lightweight, sheer, smooth and crisp fabric. It is usually used in flowy dresses as well as interior design. Traditionally it was made from silk, however, nowadays synthetic materials are also being utilized for its production. There are different varieties of organza fabric available in the market nowadays. Lately, we have witnessed many top celebrities draped in organza saree and they all looked drop-dead gorgeous. Organza saree is an apt choice for any kind of occasion, you can choose a printed one for a day-event and an embroidered one for a wedding function. They look beautiful and their feathery light and flowy fabric add extra grace to your look. Organza sarees have been the latest fashion trend.

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Note- Organza should not be confused with organdy, as they both are very different. Organza is composed of silk, viscose, rayon or synthetic fibers, whereas, organdy is primarily made up of cotton. 

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Just like Organza sarees, printed chiffon sarees are a timeless piece of beauty. Thus, printed chiffon saree can be an apt choice for the party if styled accordingly. To know more, read the article

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Tips for draping organza saree

Organza sarees are not just graceful but also lavish. They are now available in an extensive range of designs and styles to cater the needs of young as well as adults. However, the fabric is not easy to tame and require some extra tips as followed-

  • Always keep the pallu open. As the fabric is flowy and a little stiff, a pleated pallu would not look good. 
  • While making the waist pleats be extra cautious and always pin them together, as the fabric is slippery and tough to hold on together. 
  • Organza has a natural tendency to expand so don’t try to organize or compress it. 
  • These sarees are elegant on their own, so extra glitter on the blouse won’t help. Therefore, I advise you to keep the blouse as simple as possible. 
  • Avoid loud colors and go for pastel and darker shades as they look lovely on organza fabric. 

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Organza Saree is a perfect choice if you want a glamorous yet subtle look.

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