5 Timeless lipstick shades for Indian women

Best 5 Lipstick shades for Indian skin tone

Lipstick, a seemingly small beauty product is an actual game-changer. It can single-handedly make or break your look and there is nothing to doubt about it. Every woman has a thing for it and we must confess we just can’t get enough of them. Countless shades and varieties of lipsticks lure and attract us every time we visit a beauty store. However, there are a few shades that every one of us must own.

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I am a big fan of darker colors and I feel that darker shades of lipstick go well with Indian fashion and skin tone. So, presenting some of the must-have lipstick shades to make your makeup game strong. 


Pink is a classic girly color, suits women of every age. It gives a vibrant and young vibe. Pink colored lips look good on every kind and color of outfit. So, when in doubt go for pink and it won’t let you down. My two personal shades of pink are steal pink and dusty rose.

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Red-Maroon is my ultimate favourite and the best part is, it never goes out of fashion. It is hot and at the same time it is formal too. It is a perfect choice for a vintage as well as modern chic look. Create a bold look with this lip color.

3.Mild Mauve

Mild Mauve is the color between pink and purple. Mauve lips are truly refreshing and give a subtle-sophisticated look. I personally feel it goes better with western outfits compared to Indian. Choose the shade wisely according to your skin tone. My pick is Lakme Absolute matte melt (07 mild mauve).

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4.Rust orange

Rust orange or burnt orange is an apt shade of orange that suits Indian skin tone. It is a unique and stylish color that makes you stand out of the crowd. This shade suits both western as well as Indian look. 

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Brown lipstick always spices your look up. It intensifies your look and mingles well with Indian skin tone. It is ideal for office wear to get a sophisticated and elegant feel. 

These were the must have lipstick shade to glam up for any kind of event.

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