Things I learned from my first solo trip to Paris

What did I learn from my first solo trip to Europe?

In this post, I am sharing the fondest memories of my first solo travel story to Paris and Brussels trip. I went there in June 2019 to attend a scientific conference and presented my research paper there. This was the first time I was traveling solo, besides it was my first foreign trip as well. Never in my wildest dream, I imagined traveling alone to a foreign land. And here I am sharing my experience of a solo trip to Paris with you. This is life, uncertain, and full of surprises. 

Sharing my experience of the first solo trip out of the country in europe
This is me at the conference venue after my presentation.

Before beginning, I must say that I am neither a travel blogger nor a fashionista. I am a simple middle-class family girl, pursuing her doctorate in chemistry. My parents would have never allowed me to travel solo in India let alone a foreign country. However, Indian parents can never say no to anything related to studies or academics. Thus, they were glad for me participating in a conference where I would deliver a talk on my research paper. 

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Solo trip of an Indian girl to Paris and brussels
At the iconic Louvre Museum, Paris
Why you take a solo trip once in your life
The universe creates magic when you decide to travel alone

 Travel solo to know yourself better

There is a thing about traveling solo, it empowers you. You realize your true potential when you are out of your comfort zone. I realized how I have been underestimating myself all these years. I discovered a new side of myself, I am ten times more confident than I ever thought to be. Certain things that appeared so difficult to me, I was doing them with such ease, as if I have been doing this all these years. Realizing your true self is the greatest thing you will get from traveling solo, and the list is endless. While all the other things that I have mentioned below are its after-effects. 

Personally, it took me a solo trip to acknowledge that I am a spontaneous person at heart. 

Lessons I learned from my first solo trip before my 30s
A bright sunny day in Paris

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Making friends while traveling solo

I am not good at initiating conversations, so I have limited friends, but they are very close to me. Traveling solo means no company, all you have is yourself and strangers. Fascinatingly, on this trip, I befriended many people, and I am so glad that we are still in touch. Undoubtedly, the best part of my trip was meeting such beautiful and helpful people. 

I had such vivid experiences, and I am truly grateful to these strangers (now friends) for such lovely memories. 

Tips for girl solo travelers

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Traveling solo means you are your priority

There are innumerable perks of traveling alone, one of them is you can plan it, and then you can cancel it too, without any obligations. Truly you can improvise your plan according to your wish. You can choose where you want to be and for how long. So in short, while traveling solo you are your priority and no one else. This was when I always happen to be a person that never plans, just simply tag along with friends according to their plans. I can not remember when was the last time I prioritized myself in any of my plans. 

Solo traveling is all about you and your wish is your plan. 

Things you will learn while traveling alone
At the Mont des Arts Gardens at Brussels
girl solo travelers
At the heart of Brussels, Manneken Pis statue

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Travel solo to become self-reliant

As I said, traveling alone is all about your plans but then there is no backup plan. There is no one else to rely on. All you have is yourself as a guardian as well as a friend. Make wise decisions and trust your instinct. Keep your credentials and money safe. You can not afford to be careless while traveling alone. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, have fun while traveling alone but with a sense of responsibility.  This is the best kind of practical life lesson that you learn.

While traveling solo sets you free with a sense of responsibility.

Travelling alone in Paris
I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to see this piece of marvel.

This was my personal perspective, however, you must take a solo trip to create your own experience that would help you become a better version of yourselves.

why a women should travel alone
Eiffel tower looked grand when I saw it in the day, but was totally awestruck with its beauty at night. Your Paris visit is incomplete without the night view of the Eiffel Tower.

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