Types of footwear for women

different types of women's footwear
women footwear types

Nearly every woman has this strange shoe obsession,  and I am no different. From heels to flats there are different types of footwear for women. These footwear types have been seducing my imagination and emptying my wallet for many years. Despite the number of shoes I own, I always have some on my wishlist. 

Since the shoe size is independent of weight gained, it is an obvious reason why we ladies love spending our money on shoes. And why not when there are innumerable styles of shoes to choose from.  

To make your love for shoes grow fonder, here is a complete guide of types of women’s shoes and what they are called.

1. Wedge heels

comfortable wedges for women
Photo by Allyson Johnson on Unsplash

Wedges are the comfortable version of heels. These are broad platform heels, which give you more balance while walking. Furthermore, they give you a more polished look. Wedges go perfectly with summer dresses. They are ideal for vacations as they are comfortable yet stylish.

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2. Ballerina

ballerina is a type of women's footwear that is very comfortable
Photo by Andrew Wilus from Pexels

Ballerinas are flat shoes, usually round in the front. They are the most versatile kind of women’s shoes. Moreover, they are a pretty and practical solution to everyday footwear. They are simple, comfortable, and fit with a casual as well as a formal look. Ballerinas are an absolute must-have women’s footwear type. 

3. Flipflops

flipflops are simple and comfortable women's wear footwears.
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Flip-flops are the basic slippers that we all need. These are super comfy and their stylish variants are also available. They are also known as thongs. This simple yet stylish footwear is super versatile. Moreover, flip-flops are the ultimate beach footwear and perfect for summer pool parties as well. 

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4. Mules

Mules are another type of footwear for women
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Mules are usually identified as open-backed shoes with a closed front. Thus, mules are slip-on style footwears that look stylish and are very comfortable. Interestingly, mules were initially popular as bedroom shoes. Nowadays you can pick from different styles of mules such as flats, kitten heels or block heels, etc. 

5. Loafers

Loafer is one of the shoe style for both men and women
Photo by Shawn Pang on Unsplash

Loafers are a type of casual slip-on shoes without laces. These have low or no heels at all and amazingly comfortable for all-day wear. Moreover, they add vintage glamour to your look. They are also appropriate as comfortable formal shoes. Undoubtedly, loafers are the most versatile kind of shoe to add to your wardrobe. 

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6. Brogues

brogues is a kind of formal shoe for women
Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

Traditionally known as a men’s shoe, brogues have gained immense popularity as low-heeled formal shoes for women. Their unique feature is their pointed toe cap with wingtips. Fascinatingly, the brogue is a kind of pattern in shoemaking, which includes making tiny perforations along the visible edge of the leather shoe. Furthermore, these are usually flat shoes that are perfect for your formal meetings and parties. 

7. Moccasins

Moccasins is a type of women's footwear
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Moccasins are soft and comfortable slip-on shoes, similar to loafers in appearance. However, the origin of moccasins and loafers is completely different. Primarily,  they were made with soft leather with no heels at all. These days you may find moccasins made of suede and decorated with embroidery or tassels.   

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8. Gladiator sandals

Gladiators are strappy sandals for women.
Photo by Alex Perez on Unsplash

Gladiator sandals are inspired by ancient Greek aesthetics and mythology. These are strappy sandals with a mesh or cage-like look. Undoubtedly, they look really unique and beautiful. You can pair them up with short skirts, shorts, and dresses. They look truly regal and chic. 

9. Espadrille

Espadrille is a variety of shoe style for women.
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras from Pexels

The unique feature of the espadrille is the esparto rope (jute fabric) sole. They are lightweight shoes with the upper part made up of cotton or canvas and the flexible sole of Espartorope. Also, they are super comfy and uber chic. Your bohemian look is incomplete without espadrille shoes. 

10. Pumps

Pumps can be used as both formal and informal shoe
Photo by Milan from Pexels

Pumps are closed-toe heels. Their key feature is their low-cut front and round-cut toes. These are very popular and are mostly worn for a dressy look. Pumps have a formal appearance, nevertheless, they can be paired with casual outfits. Additionally, court shoes are quite similar to pumps. 

11. Peep-toes

Peep toes is a shoe style for women that comes under stilettoes.
Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Peep toes are a shoe style that can be seen in both flats and heels. They are identified as a small opening or cut at the toe area. They look really stylish and can be styled for formal as well as casual occasions.    

12. Stilettos

Heels for women are generally called stiletto.
Photo by Kristina Polianskaia from Pexels

Stiletto is a category of women’s footwear that includes footwear with long, thin high-heeled shoes. All kinds of shoes with pencil-thin high heels such as peep-toes, pumps, or strappy sandals are called stilettos. This shoe style adds glamour and elegance to your outfit. It is also very popular as a classic formal shoe among ladies. 

13. Kitten heels

short and petite heels for women are named as kitten heels.

Kitten heels are characterized by short and slender heels. They are often referred to as short stiletto. Besides, kitten heels can be accompanied by closed-toe, peep-toe, and other shoe styles. In general, they are considered formal shoes. They were made popular by powerful women like Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama. 

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14. Block heels

Broad heels are called as block heels
Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Block heels are my personal favorite, as they fall perfectly between comfort and fashion. Basically, they are high-heeled shoes, where the heels have a broad base that gives them more stability. You can expect block heels to be more comfortable compared to stilettos. 

15. Platform heels

heels with overall thick soles are called platform heels.
Photo by Jv Franes from Pexels

Platform heels are identified as shoes with thick soles and tall heels. Thus, making high heels more comfortable and easy to balance. They are associated with 70’s fashion however,  they made a resurgence in 2010. 

Hope you find the article helpful. If you think I missed some shoe types, please comment below. 

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