5 Unique & Useful Gifts for the Bride.

gifts ideas for bride to be
What to gift your friend for her wedding?

Finding a suitable gift is a daunting task. It becomes even more challenging when its a wedding gift for the bride from a friend. There is a trend of personalized gifts, and everything can be customized accordingly. Personalized gifts are basically traditional gift items with some customization to give it a personal feel such as names, photos, and handprints, etc.

However, I still feel that a personalized/customized item is way too personal and should only be considered when you are getting it for your childhood best friend.

If you want your friend to cherish your gift, give her something more functional and not just some article to keep it on a shelf in some corner.

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So, here is the list of best wedding gifts for bride

1. Hairstyling tools

1. Hairstyling tools

We girls are never satisfied with the kind of hair we have so we always need some kind of hair styling tool. For a new bride, her looks are quintessential so if your friend’s wedding is just around the corner, give her a hair styling tool that she always wanted to have. You can present her either a hair straightener, curler or an electric brush according to her need. It’s a great option as a bridal shower gift that she will surely put into use.

These are the hair styling tools that I personally use and are totally worth the money.

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2. Skincare gift set

2. Skin care gift set

Pamper the bride to be with a skincare kit from her favourite brand. Another plus point is their packing, it’s so delightful and dainty. This is a must-have for every bride, she might be planning to get it and would be elated to receive it as a gift from you. Don’t keep any doubts, she is totally going to love it.

Here are some of the best skincare gift set that you can get online-

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3. Silver jewellery

3. Silver jewellery

Our love for jewellery is inevitable, however buying gold/platinum is not always practical, in such a scenario silver jewellery is the ultimate choice. You can get antique to modern jewellery pieces in silver. Additionally, sterling silver i.e. 92.5 % silver is more rigid and durable than pure silver and gives really good shine.

Apart from jewellery, you can consider gifting small items like sindoor box, pooja thali, decorative items, and utensils.

I would suggest buying these beautiful silvery things from the market as they are exorbitantly priced online. It is one of the best bridal gift ideas.

Note- Dariba Kalan in Chandi Chowk, Delhi is full of antique silver jewellery shops. A wide variety of sterling silver jewellery is available in Chandi Chowk as well as in Kamla Nagar in Delhi. 

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4. Spa session

4. Spa session

Indian weddings are not a one-day event but a long affair that takes months of preparations and shopping. This results in a lot of stress for the bride to be. Thus, gifting her a spa session would not only rejuvenate her but also de-stress her mind. This would be a unique gift that she would receive from you ahead of her wedding. Furthermore, this is a best kind of Indian wedding gifts for bride.

Note- Kairali Ayurvedic treatment centre is the trusted and most budget friendly option for a comprehensive ayurvedic spa experience. They have multiple centres located all over the world and claim expertise in their field.

5. Makeup accessories

5. Makeup accessories

According to me, cosmetics or makeup products are very personal items. We girls believe in buying cosmetics only after testing them on us. Therefore, despite gifting cosmetics, you can present the bride some handy makeup accessories. 

There are innumerable makeup accessories that are irresistibly cute and very versatile.

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Here are some the options you can choose from-

  • Table mirror
  • Multipurpose jewellery box
  • Travel cosmetic bag

Try out these options as a gift for a new bride and become the trendsetter.

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